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Guide to Chungbuk, Korea

Introducing Chungcheongbuk-do

Photo by Nicholas Heys

Landlocked Chungcheongbuk-do makes up for its lack of coastline with some beautiful mountain scenery and a scenic lake district that's best enjoyed by meandering ferry trip. The province is dominated by soaring mountains, namely the Noryeong Mountains to the north and the Sobaek Mountains due east. Chungbuk-do is interspersed by three national parks and also plays host to one of the oldest temples in Korea.



A lively student scene and the town's close proximity to Songnisan National Park make Cheongju the perfect starting point for venturing into Korea's great outdoors.

Songnisan National Park

'Remote from the Ordinary World Mountain Park' is indeed just that! With peaks of over 1,000 meters, wooden pagodas, golden Buddhas and stone lanterns, Korea's history comes alive in a spectacular natural setting.

Photo by Rebecca Foster

Major cities

  • Cheongju (pop. 637,646)
  • Chungju (pop. 160,300)
  • Jecheon (pop. 136,000)

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