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Guide to Daegu, Korea

Introducing Daegu

Population - 2,512,604

Photo by Jon Tamlyn

"The apple city" sits in the southeastern region of Korea and is home to the stone Buddha (Gatbawi). The city is surrounded by temple studded mountains, and the forest and parks that intersect the main downtown area give Daegu the feel of a city at harmony with nature. Daegu has a burgeoning arts scene and hosts several famous festivals including the Daegu International Opera Festival and the Daegu International Bodypainting Festival.

Photo by Jon Tamlyn


Daegu Herbal Medicine Market

A quirky introduction to the realm of herbal medicine in Korea, Daegu's traditional market offers an array of oriental medicinal products from ginseng to tree bark.

Seomun Market

Soak up authentic Korea at this most Korean of markets! Fresh seafood tops the bill at Seomun and it's a great place to sample some tasty local eats whilst taking in the surroundings.

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