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Guide to Gwangju, Korea

Introducing Gwangju

Population - 1,400,000

Photo by Jimmy McIntyre

Gwangju is Korea's sixth largest city and located at the heart of the picture-postcard province of Jeolla. The city is home to a huge pedestrianized dining, drinking and clubbing district and arguably serves up some of the best food in Korea. With a youthful, vibrant and politically minded populace, Gwangju is a forward thinking metropolis, buzzing with energy.


Art Street

Predictably plays host to a plethora of galleries and art shops and a great place to relax away from the mayhem of downtown.

Mudeung Mountain

1,187 meters of craggy mountain accessible via the number 1,187 bus!

Mudeung Mountain

Photo by Jimmy McIntyre

Songjeong dong & Tak Galbi Street

Korean cuisine is at its finest here, where the minced beef rib BBQ is elevated to art form status. The area has a multicultural feel with Chinese, Vietnamese, Cambodian, Thai, Filipino and Indonesian communities numbered among its residents.

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