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Guide to Gyeongnam, Korea

Introducing Gyeongsangnam-do

Photo by Jon Tamlyn

Gyeongsangnam-do, which lies in Korea's south eastern corner, features a UNESCO world heritage site, the beautiful garden city of Changwon and the nation's tenacious second city of Busan. Add to this relaxed fishing villages, soothing hot springs and white sandy beaches and it's not hard to see why this is one of Korea's most visited regions.



Meaning Temple of Reflection on a Smooth Sea, became a UNESCO world heritage site in 1995. The temple houses unique wood carvings as well as stone pagodas, ancient artifacts and Buddhist paintings.

Maemul Islands

A collection of islands off the coast of Gyeongsangnam province, Maemaul Islands are a great place for watersports and scuba diving. The islands can be accessed by ferry from Tongyeong and offer some unbeatable seascapes and seafood.

Major cities

  • Changwon (pop. 1,079,3590)
  • Geoje (pop. 231,271)
  • Gimhae (pop. 439,757)
  • Jinju (pop. 339,731)
  • Miryang (pop. 53,103)
  • Sacheon (pop. 107,524)
  • Tongyeong (pop. 129,366)
  • Yangsan (pop. 71,936)

Separately administered metropolitan cities:

  • Ulsan (pop. 1,100,000)
  • Busan (pop. 3,635,389)

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