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Guide to Incheon, Korea

Introducing Incheon

Population - 2,628,000

Island exploration

Photo by Annie Mansfield

Incheon clocks in as Korea's third largest city with a population of close to 3 million. Its proximity to the world class Incheon International Airport makes the city a busy, international travel hub, which is reflected in Incheon's multitude of gastronomic offerings! Incheon is accessible from Seoul via subway and the city is a great starting point for exploration of nearby islands.



Ocean views, seafood restaurants and dating couples abound in Wolmido. There is also an amusement park overlooking the waterfront.

Bupyeong station

The place to go to pick up a bargain! Bupyeong is a cavernous underground market selling everything from iPods to sneakers.

Photo by Annie Mansfield

Incheon Landing Memorial Monument Hall

For a look at Korea's war-time history through old films and exhibitions, the Memorial Hall is a sobering place to spend an afternoon.

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