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Guide to Jeju, Korea

Introducing Jeju-do

Photo by Annie Mansfield

Jeju is a self-governing island province located 100 kilometers from mainland Korea. Referred to by the locals as 'The Island of the Gods', Jeju is hugely popular vacation and honeymoon destination. The island is dominated by the highest mountain in Korea, the Halla Mountain which peaks at 1,950 meters. Jeju boasts spectacular volcanic landscapes, numerous sandy beaches and also enjoys a subtropical climate.


Mount Halla

A UNESCO World Natural Heritage Site and Korea's highest peak, Mount Halla provides spectacular bird's eye views of the island.

Manjang Cave

Walk through a 1 kilometer underground tunnel created by molten lava.

Manjang Cave

Photo by Hayley Wood & Richard Lindie

Iho Beach

A multi-colored beach featuring both yellow and dark grey sand, Iho is a great place for swimming and diving during the summer months.

Major cities

  • Jeju City (pop. 408,364)
  • Seogwipo (pop. 172,042)

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