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Teach English & Volunteer in Nepal

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1 week - 6 month volunteer teaching placements in Nepal


At a glance

  • Airport pick up and drop off
  • 2 days sight-seeing in Kathmandu with a guide
  • Initial stay in a hotel in Kathmandu (during training and sight-seeing)
  • Language classes and travel orientation
  • Placement arrangement / regular support and transportation to and from the placements
  • Food and accommodation during placement
  • Donations for orphanages are included
  • Free Lonely Planet guidebook
  • On-going starts!

Program fees

Duration Placement ONly Upgrade & include
TEFL Certificate
1-2 weeks Just £490 £590
3 weeks Just £570 £670
4 weeks Just £670 £770
2 months Just £870 £970
3 months Just £1,070 £1,170
4 months Just £1,270 £1,370
5 months Just £1,470 £1,570
6 months Just £1,670 £1,770

Nepalese children

All packages include

  • Volunteer teaching placement in Nepal
  • Airport transfer upon arrival in Nepal
  • Full orientation where you can:
    • Get prepared for your placement through expert local knowledge, support and guidance
    • Orientation includes lessons in Nepali, cultural tours and social events
  • Hostel or home-stay accommodation is provided throughout the duration of the orientation and teaching internship
  • Meals are also provided by the program
  • 10 hrs of Free Nepali lessons
  • FREE Latest Edition Lonely Planet guidebook
  • Go further! More TEFL job assistance after your Nepal teaching adventure!

Limited places are available so book early to avoid disappointment.

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TEFL Teach Nepal dates

Start dates for TEFL Teach Nepal are ongoing throughout the year. The main in-takes are for the following months:

  • January
  • February
  • March
  • May
  • June
  • July
  • August
  • September
  • October


English teaching program in Nepal, at a glance

  • Teach English at government and private schools or orphanages* in Nepal
  • Help students gain confidence in pronunciation, vocabulary and conversational English
  • Volunteers are welcome to teach other subjects too!
  • Great opportunity for cultural immersion
  • Volunteers assist the regular teacher so no teaching experience necessary
  • Volunteers have a light schedule of three to four lessons a day
  • Extra activities such as sports and games are really appreciated by the children
  • Home-stay accommodation and food provided
  • No Nepalese language skills required!

*depending on availability

Friendly greeting

Locations available

The majority of the placements are within Kathmandu, Pokhara and Chitawan.

Destination Nepal

Nepal is trekker heaven and does jaw-dropping mountain vistas superbly well! Home to 8 of the world's 10 highest peaks, birthplace of Gautama Buddha, the founder of Buddhism, abode of the mysterious yeti and locale of the omnipresent yak, Nepal has mesmerized spiritualists, mountaineers and adrenaline junkies since way back when! Find your own personal Nepalese Shangri-la and teach English in Nepal!


About the TEFL course

Get ready for teaching English in Nepal with a comprehensive On-Line TEFL course.

  • 120 hour on-line TEFL qualification
  • This is an internationally recognized TEFL qualification
  • Provides comprehensive introduction to EFL methods
  • The right preparation for life in the classroom for those with little or no teaching experience
  • Gain a deeper understanding of advanced teaching techniques
  • Get the qualification without leaving your home
  • Receive expert guidance and ongoing support from experienced, well-qualified tutors
  • Gain access to the best jobs with this internationally recognized qualification
  • Get an instant edge over other candidates by becoming TEFL certified
  • Work at your own pace without time restrictions!


Skills & Qualities

In classWe are looking for enthusiastic, passionate people who would like to volunteer to teach English in Nepal. As a teacher you will have full classroom responsibilities including creating lesson plans, student assessment, and curriculum development. This is an exciting opportunity to be involved in something special, to gain a real insight into Nepal's unique culture, and to influence the lives and community of Nepali's young and old. Experience is not necessary. Spirit of adventure is compulsory! Sound interesting? Then why not apply now!


  • Native or near native English speaker
  • 18 years old and above
  • No degree necessary!
  • Willingness to adapt to a new culture

How do I apply?

  • Get in touch with a copy of your resume and a recent photo
  • We will send you an application pack
  • Regional coordinator will process your application
  • Arrive in Nepal!

Why apply for Nepal teaching positions through ESLstarter?

We are a TEFL placement agency run by former TEFL teachers. As such we have extensive first-hand experience of teaching TEFL in exotic, far-off lands! We put this package together to make it easy for other people to be able to achieve their dream of teaching English overseas.

Apply now to teach English in Nepal!

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More on teaching English in Nepal


What is TEFL?

TEFL stands for Teaching English as a Foreign Language and once you have completed a TEFL qualification, you can teach ESL abroad in a wide variety of countries. There are a few different types of courses for teaching English in Asia, the UAE and many unique destinations, however TEFL and TESOL courses (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) are the most common.

How do I learn TEFL?

You can learn TEFL in a number of ways including university courses and even internships in various locations such as China and Argentina. English Language teaching allows you to broaden your horizons and gain experiences you will not find anywhere else. Learning TEFL will allow you to embark on various different adventures including teaching in Asia, South America and the Middle East and considering global language training is becoming increasingly popular, international schools are always crying out for additional ESL teachers.

What locations are available?

The main locations available are throughout Kathmandu, Pokhara and Chitawan. Volunteers can choose from these locations but availability is limited so it is not always possible to get first choice location.

Will there be other native English teachers nearby?

This is possible although not always the case. Every effort is made to place volunteers near to each other but applicants should be aware that, due to the location of some schools, it is not always possible to place volunteers together.

What happens at the orientation?

The orientation covers plenty of ground including essential tips on Nepali language and culture and guidance on how to teach English in Nepal!

What is an average weekly teaching schedule?

The typical teaching schedule runs from Sunday to Friday but you can choose Monday to Friday if you prefer. The teaching load is up to you but the schools prefer you to teach at least 2 or 3 classes a day.

What is the student age range?

The age range is usually between 5 and 18 year olds. It is possible for volunteers to choose student age range but again this is subject to availability.

What do I need to wear to school?

The dress code for teachers is casual although out of respect for local culture it is best not to wear clothing such as shorts, vests or strappy tops while teaching!

Will there be other foreign teachers at my school?

Sometimes there are several foreign teachers per school but this is not always the case.

Is housing provided?

During training: During the orientation and training, volunteers will stay in a hotel or with a host family in Kathmandu which is about 5 kilometers west of the Airport. Accommodation is included in the program fee but, for those few days, volunteers need to cover the cost of their own food if they stay in a hotel. Each volunteer will be provided with a single room with en-suite bath room. The hotel also has hot shower facilities. Training will be held at the hotel. There are many international and Nepali restaurants near the hotel so dining options are plentiful!

School children line up

During placement: During the placement volunteers live with a local family. This is a great immersion opportunity as volunteers are treated like a member of the family and stay in a separate room with basic furniture. The host families are carefully screened to ensure that they can provide a comfortable and pleasant living environment for volunteers.

Families provide two main meals a day. A typical Nepalese meal is 'daal, bhaat, tarkaari' (lentil soup, rice and vegetables) also other food like noodles, 'roti' (flat round bread) and different kinds of seasonal fruits and vegetables are eaten. You will be eating the same food as the family eats every day. During the day time (around 1pm) volunteers will eat a light food with teachers in school eg. beaten rice and potatoes, chick peas and eggs, noodles etc. Electricity is available and phone / internet service is usually easily accessible in the local village or town.

Does ESLstarter assist with the visa process?

Visas are issued on arrival at Kathmandu airport. The minimum visa is for 15 days and the maximum for 3 months.

Sherpa village

Do I need any vaccinations for Nepal? What happens if I get sick?

You should consider the following vaccinations, however, we strongly advise to consult your doctor / local travel clinic for the latest recommendations regarding vaccinations for Nepal: 

  • Diphtheria
  • Tetanus
  • Hepatitis A & B 
  • Yellow fever 
  • Rabies 
  • Tuberculosis
  • Malaria


Health Care

Western traveler clinics are available within the major urban centers in Nepal but these can be expensive. It is therefore advisable to arrange health travel insurance prior to departure for Nepal. Health-care facilities outside of the Kathmandu valley and Pokhara are basic so, should treatment be required, it is better to head to the capital.


Tasty grubThe staple meal in Nepal is Daal, Bhaat and Tarkari or Lentils, Rice and Curried vegetables. The Nepalese love to snack and enjoy local delicacies such as Sukuti (spicy meat cooked over an open fire) and Aloo Tama (potato mixed with bamboo shoots). Nepal is also a dessert loving nation and counts Dahi (yoghurt curd) and Sikarni (curd mixed with dried fruits) among its favorites.

Travelling in Nepal

Travelling in Nepal is inexpensive and taking a taxi is an easy and convenient way to get around. Metered taxis are only available in Kathmandu so it is always worth agreeing a price beforehand when out of the capital city. As a general guideline, it should cost between 15 and 20 Rupees for a 1KM taxi journey. Other ways to travel include bus or Tempu (tuk tuk).



The climate in Nepal is varied and ranges from freezing cold in the high altitude regions to subtropical in the lowland regions of the country. May and June are the hottest months where the temperature can top 35 Celsius. During winter, the days are shorter and cooler and the mercury can drop to zero Celsius at night-time in Kathmandu. Monsoon season runs from July to August and the country is frequently drenched in tropical rains turning the landscape a very lush shade of green! October – December and March – May are the most popular times to visit Nepal and there are many festivals in these months.

What to bring

Here's a quick check-list of what we'd recommend bringing with you:

  • Summer clothes
  • Fleece
  • Warm clothes for trekking in the mountains
  • Umbrella (for rainy season)
  • Sun block
  • Shades
  • Hat
  • Mosquito repellent
  • Water purifier
  • Torch
  • Travel adapter


Fast Facts Nepal

  • Namaste - greeting in Nepal meaning 'I salute the God in you'!
  • 7 - number of World Heritage Cultural Sites situated within a 15 mile radius in Kathmandu valley
  • Nepal is the world's only Hindu Kingdom
  • Freak Street - name given to one of Kathmandu's backpacker hippy thoroughfares
  • 29,000,000 - population of Nepal
  • Nepal is home to 8 out of 10 of the world's highest mountains
  • Abominable snowman - native to Nepal's mysterious mountain ranges
  • 14 - number of mountains in the Himalaya that exceed 8,000 meters

Festival time

We did it!

In the age of recession, limited job opportunities and hundreds of international volunteer placements, It is really hard to know and choose what the next steps will be after studying at University. Show more

ESLstarter not only provides brilliant service with great support, but a recognised TEFL certificate whilst having a life enriching experience. This can be achieved without extortionate costs with a company that understands cultural sensitivity whilst supporting underprivileged institutions and communities. As cheesy as it sounds my home stay became like family and I was so humbled by their kindness. I was not a qualified teacher, just someone who wanted to experience another culture and contribute to a really worthwhile project and I have received so much from this experience that has encouraged me to keep volunteering, teaching and get involved in many charities in Nepal. I am forever thankful to ESLstarter.

Jasmin White, Kathmandu, Nepal

When I graduated from university, I began searching for TEFL jobs to do, as teaching and travelling were particularly appealing to me. ESLstarter helped me secure my first teaching position, working as a volunteer in the wonderfully interesting Nepal. Show more

Claire from ESLstarter went out of her way to guide me carefully and efficiently through the application process, but also she put me at ease and answered all my questions in not just a capable way, but importantly in a friendly way too. Applying for jobs abroad in teaching can be very daunting, especially if it is your first time as teaching or in an exotic far away land such as Nepal, many organisations are simply too intimidating and overwhelm you, but ESLstarter eased you into the process bit by bit, with regular emails to help. Furthermore the website is presented very well, with all the core information that an applicant needs from the outset, to know whether the position is right for them. Too many organisations don't reveal prices or length of contracts until much later, and ESLstarter is a welcome change from such companies. I would highly recommend working through ESLstarter, a thoroughly efficient and friendly organisation. I would like to thank them and Claire in particular for helping me secure my first teaching position in Nepal, which was such a success.

Samuel Corney, Kathmandu, Nepal

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