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Apply to Teach in Korea at a public school

If you have a thirst for travel, dream of teaching English in an exotic, far-off land and hold a Bachelor's degree, why not teach English at a public school in sparkling South Korea!

Apply now!
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TempleNo Program Fee

Fantastic Teaching Jobs in Korea - Start February or August

Teaching English in Korea offers you a unique opportunity to part of a local community, share your knowledge and experience exciting new cultural horizons!

From laid-back beach-side town to traditional rural community to buzzing metropolis, we can help you secure the location that you really want.


  • Start date: February or August (full orientation to be followed by placement at assigned school)
  • Working days: Monday - Friday
  • Working hours: 8.30AM - 4.30PM or 9AM - 5PM (depending on school)
  • Teaching hours: 22 classes per week (so 3 or 4 classes per day)
  • Student level: Choose from Elementary, Middle or High School

What's included

  • KRW1.9 - 2.7 Million monthly (depending on experience)
  • KRW1,300,000 Entrance Allowance to cover flight cost into Korea
  • KRW1,300,000 Exit Allowance upon completion of contract
  • Rural Allowance + Provincial allowance (depending on location)
  • KRW300,000 Settlement Allowance (one-time payment)
  • Free fully furnished housing or, where housing is not available, a rent subsidy of KRW400,000
  • 3 Weeks PAID vacation (8 day summer recess, 10 day winter recess) + approximately 12 national holidays
  • 22 hours of class teaching required per week
  • Overtime pay or KRW20,000 per hour per supplementary class
  • Severance pay equivalent to one month's salary
  • Tax exemption for 2 years apart from Irish & Canadians due to lack of ROK Treaty
  • Compulsory medical insurance - 50% of premiums paid by employer
  • National Pension scheme - 50% of contributions paid by employer
  • Full 8 day orientation
  • One year contract
  • All national holidays
  • Free Lonely Planet eBook guide to South Korea


Start February or August

Application deadline

  • February in-take - October 1st
  • August in-take - March 31st

PLEASE NOTE: positions tend to fill up extremely quickly so it is best to apply as early as possible. Please note that the deadlines above are subject to change.

Out for a walk


  • Nationality of UK, USA, CA, SA, AUS, NZ, SA or IRE
  • Bachelor's degree in any discipline

Applicants must also have at least ONE of the following qualifications:

  • Bachelor's degree in Education / English / English Education / English Literature or Linguistics (major's in Writing will be considered as an English major. E.g., Creative Writing, Critical Writing)
  • Valid teacher certification for either Elementary or Secondary level schools
  • TESOL / TEFL or an English Teaching Certificate comprising a minimum of 100 course hours (can be applied for now as long as qualification will be received before mid January) - Sign up for your TEFL course here.
  • Master's Degree
  • Bachelor's degree in any discipline with at least ONE full year of English teaching experience

If you do not currently have any of the above qualifications, the easiest way to get the eligibility is to take a 100+ hour TEFL qualification.

ou would need to complete your TEFL qualification by mid January or mid July at the latest.

For applicants who need to complete a TEFL course in order to get the eligibility to apply for a public school job in Korea, we offer a 120 hour On-line TEFL qualification here.

Korean town

Where can I teach?

Locations available for teaching in Korea include:

  • Busan
  • Chungbuk
  • Chungnam
  • Daegu
  • Daejeon
  • Gangwon
  • Gwangju
  • Gyeongbuk
  • Gyeongnam
  • Incheon
  • Jeju
  • Jeonbuk
  • Jeonnam
  • Seoul
  • Ulsan

If you want to apply specifically for teaching in Seoul, please see Seoul Public School Vacancies

About public school teaching jobs in Korea

  • Teach just 22 classes per week
  • Very stable working conditions - this program is sponsored by the Korean government
  • Receive a salary of at least 1.9 Million KRW per month
  • More benefits include a free, fully furnished private apartment + airfare allowances + settlement allowance + completion bonus + generous vacations + medical insurance
  • Share this experience with 100s of other native English teachers
  • Korean co-teacher in every class
  • Full training and orientation
  • No experience necessary!
Watch video

Ever wondered about what it's like to teach in Korea?

Watch Jessica's video about teaching in Korea.

Want to find out more? Read Our guide to Korea teaching jobs

Destination South Korea

A country of soaring mountains, ancient fortresses, resplendent palaces, futuristic cities and 50 million welcoming hand-shakes, Korea offers an endless array of experiences! Slurp at mouthwatering kimchi soup, check-out ancient temples hidden amongst Seoul's tangled side-streets, soak up the bohemian atmosphere of remote mountain towns or just unwind in one of Korea's soothing hot spring spas. The ''Soul of Asia'' welcomes you!

Why apply through ESLstarter?

  • Successfully placed over 800 teachers onto the EPIK program
  • Reselected as an official public school recruiter for the previous 5 years
  • Provide full guidance & support throughout application process maximizing your chances of success
  • Expert feedback on initial documents to reduce the chance of unsuccessful application at the first screening stage
  • Interview tips and guidance
  • Full visa document checking service which will speed up your application and help you to save money on mailing costs
  • 100s of testimonials from previous teachers who applied through ESLstarter
  • Extremely high application success rate
  • Greeting at Incheon airport upon arrival in Korea from an ESLstarter representative
  • Free Lonely Planet E-Guide to successful ESLstarter teachers
  • Access to Facebook group where you can meet and chat to other ESLstarter EPIK teachers
  • Speedy & completely FREE recruitment service!

Want to find out what our previous teachers have to say about ESLstarter? Read ESLstarter teacher testimonials here

We did it!

I have been living in Korean for almost 2 months now, and I have loved every second of it, I could not thank ESL Starter enough for helping to make this opportunity possible. Show more

Right from the very beginning of the application process, Claire helped me with whatever I required, and always responded to my questions and queries very promptly. I felt very at ease with ESL Stater dealing with my application; all the information I requested was always given and the whole process was very transparent, something which I have not found with other recruitment agencies, especially those recruiting TEFL teachers. When it came to arriving in South Korea, ESL Starter continued to be of assistance, and arranged for Phil to meet those arriving at Incheon Airport and ensure that we all knew where to go to greet the EPIK staff. I would highly recommend using ESL Starter if you are looking to teach abroad, they are the best, and most genuine recruitment agency that I have come across.

Laura Robbins, Gwangju

After graduating, I was struggling to find a job in England. I signed up to many recruitment websites and one day I received an e-mail advertising ESLstarter and the EPIK programme. Show more

I had thought about teaching English before but didn't know where to start. I'm glad I chose ESLstarter as my recruitment agency. I was initially worried about going through a recruiter rather than applying direct as I wasn't sure how quick their communications would be but Claire was great in responding. You also find out information such as interview results, placement acceptance etc in a timely manner. I've now been in South Korea for a month now and I am enjoying every moment. EPIK is definitely the best thing I've ever decided to do and ESLstarter made the whole process very smooth. Thanks ESLstarter!

Jennifer Cheung, Chungbuk

I've been in South Korea for exactly a month now and I can honestly say this is one of the best decisions I've ever made. I spent roughly 9 months studying, planning and preparing to move to South Korea, all with the help of ESLStarter. Show more

Claire and Phil were both incredibly helpful in answering all my questions, no matter how obvious they seemed, and putting my mind to rest throughout the entire process. I know everyone says it, but without them, I honestly might not have made it here. I'm teaching and living in the north of Seoul and have loved every single day so far. The teaching is fun, all my new friends are amazing and Seoul is a great place to live! If you are considering the move, my advice is 'Just do it!'

Pete Christie, Seoul

Teach English in Korea - Apply Today!


What is TEFL?

TEFL stands for Teaching English as a Foreign Language and once you have completed a TEFL qualification, you can teach ESL abroad in a wide variety of countries. There are a few different types of courses for teaching English in Asia, the UAE and many unique destinations, however TEFL and TESOL courses (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) are the most common.

How do I learn TEFL?

You can learn TEFL in a number of ways including university courses and even internships in various locations such as China and Argentina. English Language teaching allows you to broaden your horizons and gain experiences you will not find anywhere else. Learning TEFL will allow you to embark on various different adventures including teaching in Asia, South America and the Middle East and considering global language training is becoming increasingly popular, international schools are always crying out for additional ESL teachers.

Apply now for your position on the public school program in South Korea to start February ‚Äčor August

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Teacher Testimonials

"Claire constantly checked in and updated me throughout the entire process and was just so kind and helpful ..." Read more

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