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3 Great Reasons to Teach English Abroad


Take off somewhere exciting and teach English abroad!

Teaching English has long been applauded as one of the easiest ways for travelers to make money while they’re on the road. Of course, like most professions, teaching isn’t for everyone. But it works well as a career for most people that want to travel around without going broke in the process. While the factors mentioned here are some of the top reasons for teaching English abroad, there are many other benefits that make it a great idea.

1. Provides a viable source of income. This is no doubt the most important aspect of any job. Traveling can naturally get expensive over time and sometimes the reason people put off travel at all is simply because they lack the funds to afford plane tickets. Plus, finding a job is difficult when you are living in a foreign country and don’t currently possess a work visa. Teaching English can help with all of those things, since it provides participants with real jobs as well as the opportunity to see a bit more of the world. Most teachers who work in countries with a low cost of living and a high emphasis on education make enough to have at least a little cash left over to even pay for additional adventures when school lets out for the holidays.

2. Easy to get into. While there are plenty of places that require teachers to have a TEFL certificate on order to get a job, there are plenty of other places who are simply looking for someone that speaks English and is willing to work with their clients. Many of these places will even help travelers obtain the necessary paperwork to get a job in their countries. Therefore, teaching English is a great career choice for lots of people, from college graduates who need some real-world experience to people that clearly need a break from their current jobs but are unsure where to go next.

english teaching abroad

3. Allows immersion in local cultures. There is something to be said about experiencing a local culture first hand rather than simply as a traveler who’s merely passing through. By teaching English and presumably living like a native of the area, you will get to experience many things that fellow travelers often miss during their short stay, such as local hangouts and spots the natives don’t tell the tourists about. Teaching English will also help you learn the local language faster than you would from any class. 

teaching abroad in new cultures

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