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Top Countries To Teach English Abroad In After Covid19

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English is an ever-growing educational field. Since it is an international language, there is a huge demand for teachers. Sure, some countries are better than others when it comes to teaching English. Of course, the Internet can help you quite a lot with research. Yes, we know there are tons of resources, such as extraessay review for students, tips and tricks for teachers, as well as data on what are the best countries to teach English after COVID-19. This is what we are going to look at today. So, let's start…

South Korea

Comfortable living situation, modern economy, amazing culture. South Korea is a wonderful country for educators to teach abroad. There are various government and private teaching options. In Korea, you will be paid quite well. The salary will allow you to live stress-free, save money and travel. 

The Korean people are warm and friendly and will take you to their hearts!


A country that offers plenty of opportunities for English teachers. Chile is among the safest countries on the continent. Its economy is stable. The government is stable, too. So, here you can enjoy your teaching and do quality work.

Still, you need to understand the cultural differences when you arrive to ensure you assimilate to the local environment as quickly as possible.


The largest country in the world offers a magnificent range of opportunities. Russia is a political heavyweight and has amazing natural resources, as well as a strong demand for teachers, including English educators.

Russia has a lengthy process for visas. But with dedication, you will be able to make your way into Russia and get a first-hand experience of this fantastic country.

One caveat is that life in the large cities is expensive. Russia, in particular, has a higher living cost compared to other Eastern European countries.


A predominantly Muslim country where you can teach English in private institutions or at a higher education level. Here French is the official language but you would do well to know some words in Wolof, the native language of Senegal.

Senegal is beset by poverty and social inequality. There is also a limited access to education. So, teaching in Senegal will prove to be a rewarding experience as you will be helping to improve the life of the locals.

But keep in mind that educational resources and English teaching support from the government is limited. So, if you wish to have a permanent salaried position, you will need tefl course certification and probably a bachelor’s degree.


The most populated country in the world offers a lot of options for foreign English teachers. Here you will also have plenty of activities to engage in and lots of places to visit. You will also have the opportunity to do the rewarding job of educating the Chinese people.

You will have the ability to immerse in the languages of China, with the most common ones being Mandarin and Cantonese. But you need to remember that it can be somewhat hard to switch to a more culture-appropriate way of teaching. If you only use the traditional Western method, you may have a hard time getting students to participate.


Morocco has amazing landscapes. It has a booming tourism sector. Morocco also tries to promote and modernise education, thus, requiring plentiful English language instruction. Teaching in Morocco will allow you to get a feel for European, African, and Arabic culture.

One of the top things about teaching here is the fact that the location is stunning. Also, the weather is awesome. You will also have the option to travel to Europe or countries in North Africa.


An amazing option to gain international experience is teaching English in Japan to one of the most disciplined cultures in the world. Here the economy is among the most advanced internationally. There are lots of things to immerse in, including a wonderful culture, magnificent history, and a modern yet traditional way of life.

The transportation in Japan is super-efficient and you get to enjoy breathtaking landscapes and mountains as you travel around the country. Don’t forget though that rent can be high and the commute may be lengthy, particularly in the mega cities like Tokyo. 


Amazing climate, wonderful culture, absolutely great experience for travel, studying, and working. Spain is high on our list of best countries to teach English abroad.

Usually, you will need only a bachelor’s degree to teach in Spain.


There are some truly amazing places where you can teach English abroad. You need to consider various factors, including the wages, culture, ease of adapting to the host country. There is a great choice to pick from and you can gain some wonderful life experiences by teaching and living abroad.

Laura Fields is a professional writer with the mission of educating teachers and students alike. She believes we all need to constantly improve ourselves, our methods and abilities. Laura tries to provide learners and educators with all the tools they need to succeed.

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