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5 Cheap but Comfy Countries for Digital Nomads

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“A digital nomad” became a very popular term today. It implies that people can lead a life enabling them to work remotely online and travel wherever they want. It’s a great opportunity to save money by choosing a place where you want to stay for some time or live permanently without being tied to a workplace. Digital nomads can be people who work freelance, implementing some coaching, or blogging. Web designers or graphic designers can also fall into the category of self-employed remote workers.

Many students combine their studies with working for the company, which offers them entirely remote positions. This provides young people with the freedom to choose a place for living or travel around the world, experiencing new opportunities and challenges. Studies are not always a barrier for such a style of living, as you can always turn to the legitimate essay writing sites to pick the right helper with the most complicated tasks to ease your life and provide some time for other issues to deal with. Thus, it’s a perfect way to work and study simultaneously to gain the extra qualification if needed.

But what are the cheap countries you can go to if you decide to travel when working as a digital nomad? There are so many options to choose from. First, however, it’s important to find a comfy place where you would feel at home, so you could be satisfied with your choice and work productively with inspiration and contentment. The Internet is full of offers, but it requires time and energy to surf the net and read the reviews about the places other people have visited. So save your time, and read a short review below to make the right choice.

Five Best Countries for Digital Nomads

Are you looking for wonderful travel opportunities where you could save your money and gain incredible experience from living and working remotely? Then, you can look through the five options suggested below to live to the fullest and enjoy your comfort. There is no need to dig through loads of confusing information on various resources. Instead, save your time reading
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1. Romania

Romania is a country that has one of the strongest digital nomad communities. You will feel at home among people with similar interests and activities. It would enable you to meet people from different parts of the world and share your experiences. Moreover, as soon as you come to Romania, you will notice that the WiFi is the fastest there, which is quite relevant for the type of work freelancers do. Another key factor for choosing this place is that the country offers the most accessible remote worker visa, attracting more and more people annually. You can live a full life with cheap rent and bills, exploring beautiful places and locations the country offers you.

2. Georgia

Don’t be surprised to see this country on the list of preferable ones for remote workers as it has a lot of things to offer you. You can get a friendly tourist visa policy or a remote worker visa to live a comfortable life in Georgia. Moreover, the ones who can’t live without tasty food and wine would indulge themselves with one of the greatest cuisines in the world. It’s no wonder why so many people strive to get to the country and stay there as long as possible. Its affordability and quality of life attract a lot of digital nomads all over the world.

3. Portugal

If you want to be based in Western Europe, then Portugal can be a perfect option for you as it’s one of the cheapest places in that area. Many digital nomads feel comfortable there with affordable prices and opportunities to explore unbelievable districts and regions. Lisbon, the capital of the country, has a bit higher rent, however, if you examine other cities, you will be very surprised by the offers they can provide you with to make your stay comfy and enjoyable.

4. Mexico

Mexico is probably one of the most convenient places for those from the US and surrounding countries. You will have a perfect stay, whether temporary or permanent if you choose this country, as it fascinates tourists with incredible food, warm-hearted people, and beautiful places. The only thing that might affect your decision is the dry climate in the North and more tropical in the South. All in all, whatever direction you pick out, you will never regret your choice.

5. Egypt

Do you wonder why this country is increasingly popular not only among tourists but also the ones who are looking for a permanent spot for a living? If you choose a country with ancient history, warm climate, and spectacular beaches, this place is suitable for you. The number of tourists is growing there, especially in summer periods. However, the tourist visa is available anytime for you and can be extended to any term you choose for the stay. One thing you should consider before going to the country is that WiFi is not so stable there. So make sure you take care of a portable one just in case.

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