Aspiring language learners will find it easy to learn Chinese with our fully integrated online Mandarin lessons.

Mandarin Chinese is the most widely spoken language in the world with 1.2 billion speakers.

By learning Mandarin Chinese, you unlock the potential to speak to over 16% of the world’s population and open the door to 1.2 billion new opportunities!

Speak to China! The next generation of language learning is here!

Now it’s easy to learn the world’s most spoken language and communicate with an economy that will become the world’s largest by 2030.

Whatever your goal for learning Mandarin might be, we deliver bespoke courses that fit your needs.

Start learning today with our user-friendly, professional on-line Mandarin platform.

How it works. Learn Mandarin through a fully integrated online learning platform:

  • Enjoy a personalised learning experience - ‘1-to-1’ learning sessions with a professional Mandarin teacher
  • Want to learn with a group? - Sign up for 'small group'* classes (maximum 6 students per class), only £4.99 per 25 minute session
  • Classes run 24/7 - so you can study anytime!
  • No previous Chinese language experience required - the 25 minute session is delivered in Mandarin and English by experienced bilingual tutors
  • Wallet friendly prices - take advantage of our special introductory offer, only £6.99 per 25 minute session

* you can save even more by signing up for a small group class and learning with up to 6 other students. Group classes take place at fixed times once a week with one topic per session. Please email us for more info on group class bookings.

25 minutes per session. Instant learning. Anytime. Anywhere. 

  • Our dedicated teaching team will design the perfect program for you 
  • They will assess your Mandarin level and recommend a study program to maximize your learning
  • Learn how to speak Mandarin fluently through our fully integrated virtual classroom technology.
  • Don’t delay, start your free demo today!

Just bring your laptop, make the appointment, and attend the lesson. It’s as simple as that!

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Choose your course

Mandarin for adults

  • Based on HSK (Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi), or Chinese Proficiency Test.
  • Our professional Chinese teaching team will design a bespoke program to fit your Mandarin level and learning objectives.
  • This course will significantly improve your listening, speaking, reading and writing skills
  • Course is theme-based and closely integrated with the HSK standard.
  • Learn in a practical way through the methodology of ‘conversation + grammar + situation practice’.
  • Apply what you learn to everyday conversation scenarios and excel in Mandarin.

HSK Level One

  • Learn up to 150 Chinese words.
  • Gives basic understanding of Mandarin, conversation and day-to-day communication.
  • Greeting, daily conversation, self-introduction and simple dialogue.

HSK Level Two

  • Learn up to 300 Chinese words.
  • Master communication on routine / everyday topics.
  • Introduce yourself or others in simple words.
  • An understanding of expressions (gratitude, apologies) and attitude (positive, negative)
  • Understanding of greetings and leaving in different scenarios.

HSK Level Three

  • Learn up to 600 Chinese words.
  • You will be able to communicate fluently on familiar topics
  • Understand how to organize simple sentence structure.
  • Enhance your skills by adopting emphasis on words, pause, intonation and body language.

HSK Level Four

  • Increase your vocabulary to up to 1,200 Chinese words.
  • Converse fluently on everyday topics, with clear expressions and a good level of coherence.
  • You will be able to describe some of your experiences, express simple thoughts, and provide brief reasons and explanations.

HSK Level Five

  • Learn up to 2,500 Chinese words.
  • Understand complicated language contexts in various situations.
  • You will be able to analyse and make conclusions in the target language, including exchanges and interactions on professional topics. You can express your viewpoints and train of thought.

HSK Level Six

  • Learn up to 5,000 Chinese words.
  • Become highly skilful with sentence structure, allowing clear expression of thoughts in Mandarin.
  • High fluency interactions using Mandarin.

Business Mandarin

  • Master basic techniques on communication and exchange in a commercial environment (using practical real life examples).
  • Gain a solid understanding about business etiquette in China, together with commonly adopted expressions.
  • You can achieve success in Business Mandarin in short a period of time.

Travel Mandarin

  • Find out how to successfully communicate in every day travel situations. From hailing a cab to eating out or taking a tour, we provide the most practical and hands-on conversational skills for foreigners coming to China!
  • Feel confident and comfortable travelling in China with our essential Travel Mandarin course.

Conversational Mandarin

  • Course covers everyday conversation and is highly beneficial for anyone coming to China for study or work.
  • Impress the locals with your conversational knowledge of Mandarin.

Mandarin for Kids

  • This course is tailored to the unique requirements of Young Learners.
  • Course covers a wide range of topics with strong support from professional teachers who are expert in providing Mandarin instruction to Young Learners.
  • Study materials include lots of highly interactive and engaging content.
  • Enjoy a comfortable, nurturing and proactive learning environment.

Meet your friendly teaching team

We pride ourselves on our highly experienced Mandarin as a foreign language instructors. All of our instructors have the know how to take your Mandarin language ability to the next level.

Your faculty comes from China's premier education institutions. Our dedicated team of instructors will work with you to provide a structured and engaging learning environment that will help you to learn Mandarin instantly!

Our goal is to ensure your goals are met! We're excited to meet you and help you in your Mandarin learning journey.

How to book

  • Sign up for your free demo - we establish your Mandarin level and help you choose a course that will unlock your learning potential!
  • Book your course package
  • You will be contacted by our teachers with instructions about logging onto the video platform
  • Schedule your class time. Classes run 24/7. Learn any time
  • The teaching time will be emailed to you before the lesson
  • Log onto our video platform, click the ‘LESSON’ button and start learning

Choose a plan that's right for you

One to one classes

ESLstarter have teamed up with China's premier Mandarin learning platform to offer you an amazing deal on your Mandarin classes. Book through ESLstarter and receive an exclusive intro offer of £6.99 per 25 minute class - only when you book through ESLstarter.

Each class is 25 minutes. Pay as you learn. You can add more classes at any time.

Time limits for completion of classes are as follows: Bookings of 30 classes - within 60 days. Bookings of 60 classes - within 90 days. Bookings of 90 classes - within 120 days. Unfortunately no extensions can be provided so please ensure you complete all your classes within the given time frames.

Class Free trial Price Select topic* and purchase
Learn Mandarin - 30 classes Try £209.70
Learn Mandarin - 60 classes (5% discount) Try £399.40
Learn Mandarin - 90 classes (10% discount) Try £597.65

*Don't worry, you can change the topic later if you want to!

Prefer group classes?

Save even more and book a group class. Learn with up to 6 students. Click the 'Group classes' tab above for details.

For full booking terms and conditions and to see this month's group class topics, please visit here.

Group classes

Only £4.99 per class (must book minimum 10 classes). Each class is 25 minutes. Pay as you learn. You can add more classes at any time.

Class Price Select topic* and purchase
Learn Mandarin - 10 group classes £49.99
Learn Mandarin - 20 group classes £99.80
Learn Mandarin - 30 group classes £149.70
Learn Mandarin - 40 group classes £185.60
Learn Mandarin - 50 group classes £249.50

*Don't worry, you can change the topic later if you want to!

For full booking terms and conditions and to see this month's group class topics, please visit here.

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