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2 - 6 months



Live with a Chinese host family, sample delicious food, learn Mandarin, explore the Great Wall of China and make new friends from all over the world!

Au Pair in China

  • Choose from 8 – 24 week placement
  • Start any month
  • 1,000 RMB monthly allowance
  • 1,000 RMB / month completion bonus (for 3+ month program)
  • Accommodation provided
  • Meals provided
  • Choose from North, Central or South China
  • All fluent English speakers welcome
  • Must be 18 or over
  • No degree required
  • 20 hours of Mandarin classes each month

60% of decision makers worldwide put a high value on international study experience. Au pairing is the perfect way to improve your future earning potential whilst also seeing a different culture at an amazingly in depth level.

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Life as an au pair in China

Being an au pair in China gives you the unique opportunity to experience this exciting culture from the inside. You’ll live with a local Chinese family, and spend your time being the best friend of the family’s children.

This fully-supported experience is perfect for recent high school students, or university students looking for something amazing to do for a few months. You’ll be met at the airport, given a full orientation, settled in to your new temporary home and have all the support you need during your time in China.

Your responsibilities may include:

  • Teaching English to the family’s children
  • Assist with English homework
  • Waking the children and putting them to bed
  • Assisting with the school run
  • Serve as a positive role model

About the host families

All host families are carefully screened by the team in China. The typical host family profile would be professionals working as doctors, lawyers, entrepreneurs etc, who are looking for an international experience for their child(ren). They’ll have varying levels of English but highly willing to communicate, even if through sign language!

The typical host family profile would be:

  • Professionals working as doctors, lawyers, entrepreneurs etc.
  • International experience
  • Interested in culture and languages
  • Willing to welcome you to family life in China
  • Most families will employ a maid for chores and other household tasks
  • Families may also accommodate grandparents in the same house

Why Au Pair in China

  • Perfect way to experience China without committing to a 6+ month teaching program
  • Unique insight into the Chinese culture and family lifestyle
  • Great value for money - with great living allowance and bonus, and accommodation and meals included, you won’t be out of pocket
  • Free time to explore your host city (and you’ll often be taking your child(ren) on day trips!)
  • Heaps of Mandarin classes - a great skill to have for your future career
  • Unlike other au pair destinations, you’ll have minimal household chores. You’re there to teach English and have fun!

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