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We are now inviting applications from overseas talents for high salary, Distinguished Professor, Subject Teacher / Associate Professor and Academician roles at prestigious universities throughout the province of Sichuan, China.

Role Objectives: Distinguished Professor/ Academician

  • Lead teaching and research teams
  • Cultivate doctoral candidates or post doctoral fellows
  • Take charge of national major research projects in related field
  • Publish high level academic papers pertinent to subject area
  • Host international academic exchange activities
  • Participate in domestic and international technical meetings

Role Objectives: Subject Teacher / Associate Professor / Academician

  • Undertake (or partially undertake) one Chinese-English bilingual or English taught professional course for undergraduate or graduate students in each academic year, with no more than 32 credit hours; Undergraduate and graduate academic lectures in English
  • Participate in the construction of relevant disciplines and majors of the School
  • Actively assist the School to carry our international academic exchanges
  • Instruct 1 to 2 graduate students in this discipline every year, no more than 6 in total
  • Complete pre-agreed number of academic papers in journals as designated by the Academic Committee during employment term (Note, the Subject Teacher / Associate Professor will be the first author or corresponding author)

Remuneration Package: Professor

  • RMB 1 Million (USD 155,305.00) before tax annual salary
  • Up to RMB 1.5 Million (USD 233,017.00) before tax settling in allowance
  • RMB 4 Million (USD 621,380.00) Research Start Up Fee; shall mainly be used for purchase, upgrade and maintenance of research facilities, office expenses etc., also includes domestic and international travel
  • Domestic and International Travel Funding, provided by project team and supervised by School
  • Support with spouse employment provision where required and within scope
  • University will pay part for social security and provident fund contributions
  • 1-5 year contract with renewal opportunity

Please note, any benefits will be paid by the university or place of employment.

Remuneration Package: Subject Teacher, Associate Professor

  • RMB 170,000 (USD 26,405) before tax annual salary, inclusive RMB 20,000 (USD 3,106) housing subsidy
  • Provision of medical, industrial injury and accident insurance in accordance with relevant national regulations
  • Support with finding housing
  • 5 year contract

Please note, any benefits will be paid by the university or place of employment.


At universities through Sichuan province, China.

Eligibility requirements

Applicants should have fluent English speaking confidence and possess:

  • Distinguished Professor (Doctoral degree or above)
  • Subject Teacher / Associate Professor (Doctoral degree or above)
  • No restrictions on nationality - open to all qualified applicants
  • Working languages English / Chinese / Russian
  • Appraisement and interview for English or Mandarin level are compulsory
  • Contracts are determined by the host universities

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