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Explore China with the Sichuan TEFL Internship in China

Want to get off the beaten track and experience something new and exciting? Discover a world of hospitality in the heart of Western China!

You can spend 6 amazing months teaching English as a foreign language in Sichuan province, one of China’s most enigmatic and captivating regions. Join the Teach & Discover China Program!

Sichuan TEFL Internship in China, In Brief

  • Gain professional teaching experience at schools and universities throughout Sichuan province
  • RMB 6,000 monthly salary
  • Learn Mandarin before you go with a free online course
  • Get ready for your placement with a high quality 120 hour Online TEFL provided to you
  • Free accommodation or housing allowance
  • Teach maximum ​​15 hours p / week MON - FRI
  • Legal work visa for China
  • RMB 3,000 flight contribution p / semester
  • Health & accident insurance
  • RMB 2,000 visa reimbursement (paid on arrival to China)
  • Paid Chinese public holidays
  • Airport pick up on arrival
  • Full guidance on legal work visa application
  • 4 or 5 month contract with renewal options
  • Arrive February or August

About the Teach & Discover China program

Teach ESL abroad from primary to university level in some of the best international schools (successful candidates can select a preference and the regional coordinators will aim to accommodate this)

  • Couples and friends are welcome to apply
  • Focus is on improving students’ listening and speaking skills
  • In most cases at least 2 foreign teachers per school
  • Majority of placements are with schools in Sichuan province
  • Schools assign a liaison to assist teachers
  • Maximum 15 hours of face to face teaching per week
  • Get 10 free online Mandarin classes before you go
  • Free online TEFL provided with this program

How does the Teach & Discover China Program work?

  • Take part in a full orientation 
  • Start your teaching adventure and gain heaps of actual classroom experience teaching English in China
  • Learn about Chinese language, culture & way of life!

Early evening in downtown Chengdu city, Sichuan province

Teach in China dates

  • Choose from one or two semester placements!
  • Start February or August (each semester is around 5 months)


Chengdu, Guangyuan, Nanchong, Bazhong, Dazhou, Ya’an, Deyang, Suining, Guang’an, Meishan, Ziyang, Leshan, Neijiang, Zigong, Yibin & many more!

Arriving in China we were all very well looked after. I was placed at a College and have now been teaching for three weeks. I absolutely love it.

Shannon Swainston, Teach & Discover China

15 reasons why this teach in China program is for you!

  • No program fee!
  • Airport meet and greet
  • 4 or 5 month long contract with renewal options
  • RMB 6,000 monthly salary. China is an inexpensive country by Western standards and so your living allowance goes a long way!
  • Flight contribution of RMB 3000 p / semester
  • Free accommodation (and meals at school) throughout placement
  • 120 hour Online TEFL provided to you free of charge
  • 10 online Mandarin classes before you go with a Chinese teacher
  • Sponsored by local government in Sichuan
  • 24/7 support from local team in China
  • Assistance with setting up local bank account & phone card
  • Legal Z Visa sponsorship
  • FREE Latest Edition Lonely Planet E-guide to China
  • Go further! More TEFL job assistance after your China teaching adventure!
  • Teach on an established program with over 1000 successful participants

Skills & Qualities

  • Bachelors degree 
  • Fluent English speaker
  • Applicants from outside of native English speaking countries also welcome to apply
  • Cultural sensitivity

Teach & Discover China are looking for people with an interest in teaching and who would like to learn more about China and the Chinese education system. We welcome candidates who will show a serious attitude towards teaching and serve as a positive role model for the students.

About Sichuan province

The internships are located around Sichuan province, which literally means ‘Four Rivers’. Such is the sheer natural beauty of the region, Sichuan’s mesmeric landscapes almost defy belief. The northern, western and southern reaches of the province cumulate in immense mountain ranges, dotted with creaking wooden pagodas. The brooding Tibetan glacial mountains preserve a colorful local culture but then there are also fertile alpine valleys - great for hiking - and rolling grasslands that stretch into the horizon high up on the plateau! This feels like undiscovered China, a place you can you join Tibetans as they pay homage to the holy nature reserve of Yading, reflect in ancient monasteries that guard the jagged mountain peaks and get up close and personal with some of China’s most famous and fluffy residents, at the Giant Panda ecology park.

Experience it all in Sichuan!

  • Visit Tagong and spent time with the Tibetan nomads on the high altitude grasslands plateau
  • See the world’s largest Buddha statue in beautiful Leshan city
  • Soak up Qing Dynasty history in the ancient town of Langzhong
  • Feel like an extra from Lord of The Rings, and horse trek in the woods and mountains that surround the remote village of Songpan
  • Perfect the art of tea drinking in Chengdu (your orientation will be here). For tea buffs, Chengdu has 3,000 years of history meaning tea houses are crowded and the brews expertly served! The city also has a vibrant night-life and local dishes are fiery hot!

Why apply to teach in China through ESLstarter?

  • 100s of teachers placed into East Asia teaching programs every year
  • We will not take any of your salary
  • Full in country support
  • Our staff have taught English abroad and are passionate about helping others teach in this amazing county!
  • Great program for first time teachers and those who would like the security of having everything arranged for them including airport pick up
  • Join our Facebook communities & connect with lots of other ESLstarter China teachers before you go!
  • We’re pretty sure you won’t find more teacher Testimonials anywhere else!

Practicalities for teaching in China

Health Care

The standard of health care in China is extremely varied. Hospitals in the major cities are often on a par with Western levels and most doctors speak English. In the more rural conurbations, doctors and nursing staff tend to speak less English so it's worth taking a Chinese friend to help translate. Treatments and prescriptions are usually distributed at hospitals as opposed to private clinics and surgeries.


Chinese cuisine is world-renowned, with preparation and serving elevated to art form status amongst a nation famed for their extravagant tastes! Peking duck, Shanghai pork bun and Cantonese dim sum are some of the better known delicacies hailing from Chinese Chu fang (cooking rooms). Less known but equally delicious dishes include Zhou (rice porridge topped off with chicken, beef or pork), thousand year old eggs (pungent duck eggs that have been preserved in ash and salt for one-hundred days) and Gobi Manchurian (cauliflower fritters doused in a spicy sweet and sour sauce).

Travelling in China

China has more than 1.352 million km of highway making even the smallest towns and villages easily accessible by road. Long distance soft-sleeper and soft-seat buses are comfortable although often slow. Travelling by train is an inexpensive and efficient alternative with high speed rail networks linking the major urban hubs. Domestic air-travel in China is relatively cheap with a range of budget options available.

What to bring & weather

Temperatures across this huge country are extremely variable with bitterly cold winters across northern China (-10 Degrees or colder). Summers (April to September) can be stiflingly hot and humid with typhoons hitting the southeast coast between July and September. Here's a quick check-list of what we'd recommend bringing with you:

  • Summer & winter attire
  • Anti-perspirant (very difficult to find in rural areas)
  • Adapter for your electronic devices
  • Big shoes (if you have large feet) - big shoes (and big feet!) are rarities in China
  • A good insect repellent

Fast Facts China

  • 1,286,975,468 - current population of China
  • 20,000 - number of characters in the Chinese language
  • 1,500 - number of miles that the Great Wall of China spans
  • 3240 - TV broadcast stations throughout China
  • 86% - literacy rate in China
  • 13,831,900- population of Shanghai, one of the most densely populated cities on earth
  • Red - a symbol of happiness for Chinese people
  • 2600 BC - the year that the world's oldest calendar, the Lunar Calendar, originated
  • US$40 billion - the estimated total cost of hosting the Beijing 2008 Olympics!
  • Bats - are a good luck symbol in China!

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