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If you have a positive attitude and enjoy working in a fast paced, communicative environment, this is the position for you!

Teaching jobs in Hong Kong

ESLstarter is delighted to bring you some exciting opportunities to teach English in Hong Kong with a well established private language school. As an English teacher in Hong Kong, you can enjoy:

  • CAREER PROGRESSION OPPORTUNITIES - many teachers stay for longer than expected and go on to become senior teachers or part of the management team
  • MENTORING SCHEME - your skill development is supported by experienced mentors and local staff
  • ACCOMMODATION SUPPORT - optional and affordable accommodation is available for teachers who want it
  • SOCIAL LIFE - you will be immersed in a strong community of TEFL teachers and enjoy Christmas parties in Soho, nights at the famous Happy Valley races, BBQs, beach and hiking activities to name but a few!

Benefits for teaching English in Hong Kong

  • HK$ 23,000 per month
  • Optional and affordable staff accommodation
  • Orientation with HK$6,000 training bonus
  • Work visa arranged
  • HK$12,000 contract completion bonus after 12 months
  • Professional development opportunities
  • 12 days paid leave
  • Lesson plans and curriculum


  • Bachelors degree in any field
  • Nationality of UK, IRELAND, USA, CANADA, AUSTRALIA, NEW ZEALAND, SOUTH AFRICA (due to visa requirements)
  • TEFL certificate (can also complete later if you don't have when you apply) - get a special discount on your TEFL course here
  • Love working with young people
  • Culturally adaptable and positive attitude

When can I start?

There are arrivals every month with this program and so you can start any month of the year.

The usual application process takes around 1 month from point of application to arrival in Hong Kong.

Fast track visa applications are also an option if you would like to start immediately.



Why teach English in Hong Kong?

High achievement and quality education are highly valued in the local culture. The knowledge that English is a crucial language to acquire and master in global business is another key element. This contributes to the high need for English teachers in Hong Kong who can encourage students to achieve their full potential in the language. Both parents and students have a strong desire to learn and will actively seek out opportunities to do so. There are numerous opportunities for TEFL teachers to get employment, from private tuition to online tutorial institutions. Whether you are a recent graduate or an experienced professional, there are many options to find employment here due to the high need for teachers. 

Why do students choose this particular school?

Students enrol for a variety of reasons including to practice and improve general English, improve their confidence in spoken English, learn phonics, improve reading and writing, have fun and meet westerners amongst other things.

What is the teaching methodology at the school?

The key methodology is full immersion and so students are encouraged to speak only English during class time. Classes are kept small in order to encourage a positive learning environment where students won't be afraid to speak up. As a result, you'll get to know your students well and form a strong bond with them.

How long is the contract for this teaching job in Hong Kong?

The contract duration of this Hong Kong teaching job is for a minimum of 12 months.

Is Hong Kong expensive?

Hong Kong is surprisingly affordable and far cheaper than London and most UK towns. The average MTR fare is just HK$ 10 and Chinese style lunches are cheap and delicious! You can save money teaching in Hong Kong and pay off student loans.

Am I eligible to apply to teach English in Hong Kong?

In order to apply for this role, you would need to be a native English speaker due to visa restrictions. The school would accept UK, USA, Ireland, Canada, New Zealand, South Africa, Australia passport holders. You would also need a bachelor degree and TEFL certificate.

Why do teachers choose this school?

The school offers a great teaching and learning environment. You will be fully supported to ensure you feel comfortable before taking your own classes. There are some great opportunities for career advancement and promotion. Also, the school have been welcoming foreign teachers for over 15 years. This means a lot of the worry of moving to a new country is reduced as you can receive support with accommodation as soon as you arrive. There is also a full orientation and lots of social events with other teachers on the program.

Embrace this exciting opportunity for personal and professional growth! Are you ready to teach English in Hong Kong? Start your application now.

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