For the true adventurer, teaching English in Myanmar is the perfect opportunity to satisfy your wanderlust while at the same time positively impacting a host community with children in need. Excited travelers seek out Myanmar for the chance to step back in time. Virtually unchanged for three quarters of a century, teach English in Myanmar and discover societies that are heavily influenced by ancient Buddhist spirituality.

And teaching in Myanmar doesn’t mean you have to go without modern conveniences just to enjoy the privilege of immersion in a historically preserved culture. The nation is also home to bustling cities and modernization. However, don’t be surprised if modern conveniences are disrupted from time to time. Internet access can be slow or none existent in some places but for a curious adventurer, that should only enhance the thrill of the experience.

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Here are 10 interesting facts and curious trivia about Myanmar:

  1. Population: More than 53 million people
  2. Capital city: Naypyidaw
  3. Currency:  Burmese kyat
  4. Common languages:  Myanmar (Burmese), Shan (Thai, spoken by more than 3 million), Karen (spoken by more than 2.5 million), Kachin, Chin, & Mon-Khmer
  5. Slang: “Bee Kyal” describes a person over the age of 40 who is still hip, cool & enjoying the party scene
  6. Religions: Theravada Buddhism, Christianity, Islam, Nat worship, Hinduism & multiple tribal religions
  7. National drink: Green tea
  8. UNESCO World Heritage Site: Pyu Ancient Cities
  9. National dance: Pyu dance styles, as seen in dances like the Bagan, that were inspired by the longstanding tradition of puppet theatre
  10. National bird: Daung, the green peafowl, also called a peacock


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