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Take part in a sustainable adventure as a paid English teacher in an exotic and beautiful land where locals will give you the warmest of welcomes!

Within the past year, tourism in Myanmar (Burma) has increased exponentially. As this incredible country continues to open up to the outside world it is fast becoming a hotspot for adventure travellers. Apply now to take part in a sustainable cross-cultural adventure and make a positive impact on the lives of the local people of Myanmar!

Option A: TESOL Course in Thailand + Guaranteed Teaching Placement - JUST £1299

  • TESOL course in Thailand
  • Paid teaching placement in Myanmar
  • Guaranteed monthly salary of USD 800 to 1800 depending on qualifications
  • 25 paid vacation days a year (including 15 national holidays)
  • Assistance in finding accommodation
  • Full guidance through application and visa process
  • Airport pick up on arrival
  • 5-day cultural immersion course in Yangon including sight-seeing excursions
  • One-year placement (renewable)
  • Comprehensive job placement assistance
  • Ongoing start dates each month
  • 24 / 7 local support network
  • Lonely Planet E Guide to Myanmar

Option B: Online TEFL + Guaranteed Teaching Placement - JUST £899

  • Includes everything from Option A but do your TEFL course On-line instead of in Thailand.

How it works

Complete your TEFL certificate in Thailand. Transfer to Myanmar to begin your teaching adventure!

Already have a TEFL certificate? TEFL qualified applicants can still apply and receive a discount.

Dates & Deadlines

Placements are available all year round!

About the TEFL course in Chiang Mai* / Hua Hin

Get ready to teach English in Myanmar with a comprehensive 120 hour TEFL course in Hua Hin or Chiang Mai

  • 120 hours of in-class teaching preparation
  • 10 hours of teaching practice with actual ESL students
  • Internationally accredited by OTTSA (Online TESOL and TEFL Standards Agency)
  • Teach anywhere in the world with this qualification

*Please note that the course in Chiang Mai is only available in April, May, October and November


  • Native English speakers with a passport from the UK, USA, CAN, IRE, NZ, SA or AUS (due to visa requirements)
  • Bachelor’s Degree in any field
  • 120 Hour TEFL certificate
  • 21 to 45 years old (due to school requirements)
  • Great attitude and culturally adaptable

About the Online TEFL

  • Learn the best ways to make classes fun and engaging
  • Study this TEFL course online from your laptop, desktop or mobile device
  • Written by experienced, well qualified tutors
  • Internationally recognized

Locations for teaching English in Myanmar

Placements are with schools who pass the program selection criteria.

Schools are concentrated in Yangon, but applicants should be open to a placement throughout Myanmar. You may state a preference for location, but due to logistics and the needs of various schools, no guarantees can be made.

Why teach English in Myanmar?

  • Get paid to take part in a sustainable adventure that benefits the local communities of Myanmar.
  • Look forward to a high level of teacher support ensuring you have complete peace of mind while teaching English in Myanmar.
  • Your place on the teaching program is 100% guaranteed before you go.
  • Comprehensive job placement assistance and visa sponsorship.
  • TESOL course in Thailand before you begin.
  • 5-day cultural immersion course in the capital city of Yangon which includes a guided tour of the Shwedagon Pagoda, a visit to see Myanmar’s sacred white elephant, a visit to a Myanmar ethnic village to see how minority tribes live, as well as volunteering at a local orphanage.
  • Explore the largest country in South East-Asia!


Do I have assistance with finding accommodation?

Your school will assist you in finding accommodation but the rent is not paid by the program. Renting an apartment in Myanmar is around USD 250 to 300 per month, excluding electricity and water. In some instances, you will be provided with internet, but in other instances, it must be purchased separately. During your cultural immersion course, accommodation will be around USD 30 per night.

How much are utilities in Myanmar?

Expect to pay around GBP 20 to 30 per month.

How big is the expat community in Myanmar?

There are some expats living in Myanmar but the country is still very much opening up to foreigners so you would be blazing the trail!

When is my placement finalized?

This is usually confirmed during the first week after arrival in Thailand. A member of the placement team will negotiate on your behalf with local schools to find a position for you. The placement success rate for this program is 100%.

Is there an application deadline?

The Explore Myanmar program is unique in that hiring, orientation and placement continues year round. This means the arrival date is flexible and you can start pretty much anytime. Application deadline is 2 months prior to the arrival date you want. As an example, if you want to arrive in July, you’d need to apply before May.

Do ESLstarter help with the visa process?

Yes, we will assist you through the visa process and provide the latest advice regarding obtaining visas for both Myanmar and Thailand. For Myanmar, you will be teaching on a Business Visa. This is valid for 10 weeks. For this reason, every 10 weeks, you will need to visit Thailand to renew your Business Visa for a further 10 weeks.

Can I extend my placement if I want to stay longer?

Yes, this is possible provided the school agree. We can assist with extending your stay in Myanmar as you get towards your contract completion date.

Are any vaccinations necessary for Myanmar?

We recommend checking with your physician for the latest advice on vaccinations for Myanmar. As a general rule, polio, Hep A, B and Typhoid are strongly advised. Proof of yellow fever vaccination will be required if you have visited a country in the yellow-fever zone within 6 days prior to entering Myanmar. Follow this link for a list of high-risk countries.

What happens when I arrive?

You will be met at the airport and then transfer to the orientation venue to complete the orientation session / TEFL course. From here, you will be given information about your school and how to get to your host city.

Do the schools have a curriculum?

Myanmar schools are not well resourced in comparison to some countries. However, most of the schools have teaching materials such as text books, CDs and flashcards ready for teachers to use. Explore Myanmar works together with partner schools to update and improve existing curriculum.

Will I have a co-teacher?

It’s best to work on the assumption that you will be the only teacher in the class. Sometimes the younger classes have a co-teacher but this is not always the case.

Is there a dress code for teaching in Myanmar?

Myanmar expects its’ teachers to lead by example and dress smartly! So, for men shirt, tie and trousers. For ladies, blouse, skirt below the knee and formal shoes.

Are meals expensive in Myanmar?

Meals are inexpensive in Myanmar. Expect to pay around 4 GBP for a lunchtime meal in the business district of Yangon. Otherwise you can easily enjoy a hearty plate of food for 0.70 GBP to 2 GBP elsewhere.

How safe is Myanmar?

Myanmar is considered to be a relatively safe country. Female travelers shouldn’t have to worry about harassment and crime rates are low. Having said this, it is always good to keep an eye on your belongings in case of petty theft. There are some areas of the country that are not open to foreigners due to ongoing conflicts, but these are off the tourist trail. For further advice, please check your local government advisory.

Do I pay tax in Myanmar?

Income tax / health / accident insurance is fixed at 3%, which will be automatically deducted from your salary.

How do I open a bank account in Myanmar?

A team member will help you with this.



Travelers should be aware that the standard of health care in Myanmar is largely very poor. Be sure to bring any medications with you that you may require, however please check with an Embassy of Myanmar in your home country to make sure that your medications may be brought into Myanmar legally. Excellent health care may be found throughout Burma’s neighboring country – Thailand. Most doctors speak English in Bangkok, and pharmacies are plentiful even throughout the smaller towns and cities. Health insurance that covers emergency evacuation for treatment at a hospital in Bangkok can often provide further peace of mind.


The cuisine of Myanmar is a flavorful mix of Chinese, Thai and Indian influences. Mohinga, a fish soup with rice noodles, is considered the national dish. Rice is the staple food of Myanmar and is enjoyed at every meal. It is usually accompanied by a delicious combination of meat, curries, soups, salads and vegetables. Ginger, garlic and chili peppers are common seasonings. You may find that each of these is served in its own bowl on the table allowing each person to help themselves. Traditional tables are low to the ground, with mats for everyone to sit on. Mind your table manners though as the elderly are given priority to begin eating first!

Travelling in Myanmar

Long-distance buses in Myanmar are widespread, generally reliable and often brand new. The VIP buses cost around USD 20 for a 12-hour journey and come with blankets, TV’s, air conditioning and even a meal. Otherwise, there are many different types of transportation in Myanmar – ranging from horse carts to rickshaws to shared pickup trucks and taxis. Taxis are convenient and, unlike motorcycles, are allowed into the city centre of Yangon. E-bikes (electric bikes) may be found in places such as Bagan and cost USD 5 to 12 per day.

What to bring

Myanmar has 3 main seasons – February to May sees the hottest temperatures rising above 104°F or 40°C. October to February are cooler, with a rainy season in between.

Here's a quick check-list of some things we'd recommend bringing with you in preparation for teaching English in Myanmar:

  • Light cotton clothes to stay cool
  • An umbrella and light-weight raincoat for the rainy season
  • A jacket or sweater for cool morning bike rides to the see the sunrise, or for ferry rides
  • A headlamp for early morning bike rides
  • Mosquito repellent
  • A good hat
  • Sunblock
  • Sunglasses
  • Comfortable shoes
  • Pack your flip-flops as you’ll need to take your shoes off when visiting religious places
  • A pashmina/scarf/sarong for covering up when entering religious areas
  • Smart, conservative clothes for work
  • Extra memory cards for your camera – you’re going to need them!
  • Basic medical kit

Fast Facts Myanmar

  • 51,486,253 - current population of Myanmar
  • Buddhism – the main religion of Myanmar
  • Naypyidaw – the capital city
  • Yangon – the former capital and largest city
  • 95 degrees F - the average temperature in April in Yangon
  • Burmese - the official language
  • Burma - Myanmar’s former name
  • 1989 – the year that the name ‘Myanmar’ was introduced
  • Emerald – the meaning of ‘Myanmar’
  • Kayat - the currency of Myanmar
  • 261,970 square miles - the total area of Myanmar making it the 40th largest country in the world
  • Chinlone – a traditional sport in Myanmar. The focus is on how beautifully the game is played
  • 2012 – the year that the New York times listed Myanmar as the 3rd best place to visit in the coming year
  • 1460 pages - the number of pages of the biggest book in the world found in Myanmar. It consists of stone slabs of sacred Buddhist text

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