Teach in Taiwan and experience one of the world’s great TEFL hubs. Teaching jobs in Taiwan allow the chance to live on a friendly, laid back island, where living costs are low and you can save plenty of your salary.

If you are interested in teaching English in Taiwan, you can look forward to enjoying a spectacularly beautiful island, full of impressive mountain ranges, uncrowded beaches, vibrant cities and welcoming locals.

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Here are 10 interesting facts and curious trivia about Taiwan:

  1. Capital – Taipei
  2. Population – 23,500,000
  3. Taiwan is roughly the size of Massachusetts State
  4. Taiwan has the highest mountain in all of Southeast Asia, the Jade Mountain at 13000ft
  5. The Portuguese gave the island the name ‘Formosa’ meaning beautiful
  6. Snake blood is a popular beverage in the Taiwanese night markets
  7. The Taiwanese love stinky tofu
  8. Hot springs are prevalent throughout Taiwan and a great way to relax after work
  9. Garbage trucks in Taiwan play music
  10. 7-11 stores are a way of life in Taiwan, often with 3 or 4 appearing on the same street


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