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With over 70,000 Chinese learners, there has never been a better time to teach English online and join our friendly community. Earn up to $1,500 per month.

Work from home!

We are now recruiting part-time English Teachers to join our international team!

You will use an online English learning platform to teach 4 - 18 year old students.

You will teach many regular classes meaning you can form a great bond with your students and see them grow and develop.

In 2019, the student renewal rate has continuously remained at 80 - 85% which is significantly higher than the industry average.


  • TESOL/TEFL certification, can study later if not already TEFL certified
  • A university degree 
  • Experience teaching kids preferred
  • Can commit to peak teaching hours (8 hours weekly)
  • Computer savvy
  • Enthusiastic, professional, outgoing
  • Strong communication and presentation skills
  • Fluent English speaker

Why this on-line teaching is unique

  • Exciting and rewarding opportunity to work in the fast-growing on-line Education sector.
  • Teaching is flexible and convenient.
  • Teach from 8 peak hours * per week in the comfort of your home or office.
  • Work with small classes of highly motivated students - 2 or 3 learners in each class.
  • Professional and energetic tutors are needed to lead our virtual classrooms.
  • Teaching focuses on conversation and listening skills.
  • Tailored lesson plans provided to you.
  • Personal support, every teacher is paired with designated support staff. Communicate with real people rather than auto-generated systems.
  • Professional development, free tailored training resources for every teacher. Additional career opportunities also available (evaluator, trainer etc.)
  • Competitive pay, $18 - $26 per 50 minute class and up to $1500 per month. Typically, the number of teachers' classes increases threefold in the second month and fivefold by the third month.
  • Job security, we provide a fixed schedule and a stable income.

* Peak hours

Weekdays: 6:55 PM - 9:00 PM Beijing Time; Weekends: 9:10 AM - 12:20 PM Beijing Time, 6:55 PM - 9:00 PM Beijing Time

With a renewal rate of over 80% throughout all courses we're a hugely engaging program!

We want true teachers

For us, inspiration to teach our provided curriculum comes in many forms. We trust the wealth of experience and qualifications our teachers bring to the table! We see our curriculum as a tool to inspire our educators to differentiate their methodology for each class, so students reach their full learning potential!

Our courses are 25-30 weeks long which offers both students and teachers alike stability and the chance to form a lasting bond and connection. Receiving competitive pay, Whales English teachers can progress in their career whilst being fully supported by a dedicated technical team and a designated contact person. 

We are imagining a lot more than just ESL! At Whales English, we are building a virtual school with 2-3 students per class, teaching a variety of subjects to a wide range of students who have different attainment levels. As we grow, we have the opportunity to invite more teachers to help us shape a new experience for our students. 

How the payment is calculated

  • Base rate of $18-26 per 50-minute class, plus performance-based bonuses
  • Up to $1,500 per month 
  • You will be paid on 15th each month through bank transfer
  • Full online training package and ongoing professional development provided to you
  • 12 month contract with independent contractor status
  • 1 on 2 full immersion English language class


Payment for the previous month will be paid on the 15th of the next month.

In the first 3 days of this month I’ve already earned over £100. I’m delighted I took the plunge! I’m recently retired, was looking for a worthwhile part time job that I could do from home and preferably online. This ticks all the boxes.

Mark, Online Tutor


Do I need special equipment to teach on-line?

You need a computer, a good internet connection and a noise-cancelling headset.

What is the application process?

The application process is simple and straightforward:

> Screening

> Interview

> Initial mock class

> Contract signing

> Training

> Second mock class

> Successful launch

Do I need a TESOL/TEFL certificate to apply to teach English on-line?

Not initially, but this would be required by the end of the probation period. Please ask ESLstarter for special rates on TEFL courses.

Are the positions open to high school graduates?

Unfortunately, we can only accept applications from bachelor degree holders.

What is the pay for teaching on-line?

Consultants will be paid a base rate for every class attended and taught. Performance related bonuses and incentives are also available.

How do I get paid?

On-line tutors are paid on a monthly basis via bank transfer.

What is my schedule and how often do I teach?

You are required to commit to at least 8 peak teaching hours per week. 4 of these peak hours must be over Friday, Saturday or Sunday (can be a combination of all three days). Peak times are 19h00 - 21h00 Beijing time. Classes also run weekdays 17h00 - 22h00 Beijing time and weekends 08h00 - 22h00 Beijing time.

What type of teaching would be expected from me?

The teaching is conversation based. It would be your role to create a friendly and positive learning environment where all students feel encouraged to participate. The teacher is expected to maximize student talk time and keep their own talk time at a minimum. You would very much be a facilitator, setting up activities and offering feedback to students.

What will I be teaching in a session?

You will be provided with lesson plans for each class you teach. The lesson plans have been developed to offer students a comprehensive learning experience. Subject materials range from business English to specific topics to every day conversation.

Who will I be teaching?

You will teach young Chinese learners from 4 - 18 years old.

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