Why are teaching jobs in Thailand so popular? The experience will give your resume a boost, you’ll be a part of a friendly culture, eat amazing food, discover blissful beaches, explore ancient temples and all while getting paid. Thailand has a laid back charm that can’t help but allow teachers to become part of the local community.

Teaching in Thailand is an exciting adventure in one of the world’s favorite tropical escapes, famous for its hospitality and fluffy white beaches. In fact, it is called the “Land of a Thousand Smiles”. Teach English in Thailand and find out why the Thais are such a happy and generous people.

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Here are 10 interesting facts and curious trivia about Thailand:

  1. Population: More than 67 million people
  2. Capital city: Bangkok
  3. Currency:  Thai baht
  4. Language:  Thai, Burmese, Malay, Chinese & many others, including various dialects
  5. Slang: “Farang” means Westerners
  6. Religions: Theravada Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam, Christianity & others
  7. National drink: Siam Sunray, a cocktail of vodka, coconut liqueur, chili pepper, ginger, lemon grass, lime juice & soda water
  8. UNESCO World Heritage Site: Historic City of Ayutthaya
  9. National dance: Khon, a stylized dance form that mimes a story
  10. National bird: pronounced “kaifa phayalo”, the Siamese fireback, a pheasant species, is also called Diard’s fireback

I am now teaching in Thailand and wondering why I ever hesitated to do something so unique and rewarding.

Mike Brennan, Chumphon, Thailand


We currently have the following programs available in Thailand



Volunteer Chumphon

Start Flexible

Fee From £790

Duration 1-4 months

Location Chumphon

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TEFL Internship


Teach & Learn

Start Ongoing

Fee From £499

Duration 2.5 months

Location Bangkok

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Teach English in Thailand

Start May or Nov

Fee No fee

Duration 5/10 Months

Location Various

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Volunteer Ayutthaya

Start Flexible

Fee From £790

Duration 1-4 months

Location Ayutthaya

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