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Teach English in Uruguay and experience South America’s hottest new destination! 

English Teacher, Uruguay Program includes:

  • UY$ 33,000 monthly salary*
  • 120 hour On-line TEFL course
  • Round-trip air-ticket
  • Airport pick up
  • Full orientation upon arrival
  • Housing allowance of $3,300 Uruguayan Pesos
  • Visa reimbursement
  • Paid vacation
  • All public holidays
  • 24/7 support team to assist you in Uruguay
  • Latest Edition Lonely Planet E-Guide to Uruguay
  • Choose from a 6 or 12 month placement

*Average local salary in Uruguay is around UY$ 17,840 and so you can live well on this wage


Option A: 6 month contract

Starts: Ongoing

Option B: 12 month contract

Starts: Ongoing

Interview process

Successful applicants will be shortlisted and contacted by email to arrange a Skype interview.


Applicants should be fluent English speakers and have as follows:

  • Bachelors degree in Education or Bachelors degree (any field) with ​6​ months of certified language teaching experience
  • Nationality of UK, USA, Australia and Canada
  • TEFL / TESOL or CELTA certificate

Locations for teaching in Uruguay

The teaching jobs in Uruguay are throughout the cosmopolitan capital city of Montevideo.

About this program

Positions are with established, community focused language schools throughout major urban centres in Uruguay, including the cosmopolitan capital of Montevideo where the standard of living is said to be one of the highest in South America.

Students are a mix of children and adults learners and the schools are very much a focal point of local communities.

Ongoing staff training and meetings are provided including full TEYL training. Full teaching resources are also available including teacher’s books, CDs, student books, markers etc.

Destination Uruguay

South America's smallest country punches above its weight when it comes to experiences! Culturally sophisticated, safe and liberal, Uruguay is the ideal place to spend an extended sojourn teaching abroad.

From the spectacular Atlantic coast through the hot spring studded Rio Uruguay and onto the cultural hotbeds of Montevideo and Colonia, Uruguay is one of South America's best kept secrets!

5 reasons to teach in Uruguay

  • Choose from 6 or 12 month contract
  • Uruguay is a richly rewarding, sophisticated travel destination often overlooked by travellers
  • Get TEFL qualified before you go with our internationally recognized certificate
  • Earn a great local salary so you can have a comfortable life in Uruguay
  • Full training provided with small classes in well-equipped schools

Why apply to teach in Uruguay through ESLstarter?

  • Lots of testimonials from teachers we have hired for international teaching jobs
  • Receive free expert consultation to decide if teaching in Uruguay is right for you
  • Extensive recruitment experience for international TEFL jobs
  • Full support through the application and visa process
  • Dedicated support staff comprising of former TEFL teachers
  • Join our Facebook communities & connect with lots of other ESLstarter teachers before you go!


How can I teach English in Uruguay?

You can teach English in Uruguay by possessing a TEFL certificate (120hrs or other), therefore qualifying yourself to teach English anywhere abroad. However, what isn’t needed for you is to possess any type of university degree like a Bachelor’s, as for employers this may only be a preference. For visa requirements, English teachers in Uruguay or any other South/Central American country can teach on a "Cedula" Temporary Residence Permit, allowing you to legally live in Uruguay while you work. You’re even legally allowed to teach while your Cedula is still processing. Perhaps more importantly, you can teach English in Uruguay as long as you have the right number of people and teaching skills, such as communication, co-operation and many more.

What’s it like to teach in Uruguay?

Most TEFL jobs in Uruguay are found in the major cities, such as the capital, Montevideo. With low living costs and a working schedule of around 20-25 hours a week, you’ll still have plenty of time to explore beyond Uruguay’s metropolis, and with the country being the second smallest in South America, travelling nationwide will take you no more than 6 hours. For instance, you could choose to venture along Uruguay’s beautiful stretch of coastline - and due to other popular destinations in Latin America like Brazil and Argentina, you won’t need to worry about these places being overcrowded by fellow tourists and backpackers. For accommodation, most TEFL teachers will get to live in furnished apartments, not long recently vacated by fellow teachers. Another option is being provided accommodation in a local household by renting out a room. Both these options will provide you a high quality of living that includes wifi, a washing machine and kitchen.

What is the salary for teaching jobs in Uruguay?

Full-time teaching jobs in Uruguay can earn you a salary of around 6,230 – 10,435 UYU (£100 – £172) per month. However, if this seems a little low to your liking, the average salary for an English teacher in Uruguay can go as high as $13,000 (under £1000) per month. Even if these salaries may be low, so is the cost of living! Therefore, you can live and work in Uruguay while still being able to enjoy all this hidden South American gem has to offer! If you find your regular job doesn’t cover your living costs efficiently, there’s the option of finding private Uruguayan students to tutor in your free time. You can even choose to earn a little extra by teaching English online, which has the potential to earn you better wages than teaching locally. You may find this option beneficial as Uruguay has some of the fastest internet speeds on the continent.

Can I be an English teacher in Uruguay without a degree?

Qualifications you need to apply for certain teaching jobs in Uruguay can vary. Although you will definitely need to hold a TEFL certificate (120hrs or other), you will NOT be required to hold a university degree to secure an in-country role. However, bear in mind that not holding a degree can make the TEFL/teaching job market in Uruguay that much more competitive. Although, if you instead wish to do volunteering in Uruguay, degree possession should not get in the way of this. No matter if you hold a university degree or not, you’ll still need to possess a number of key skills learnt from your own TEFL course in order to teach students in Uruguay efficiently. These skills include good communication and listening, enthusiasm and a passion for TEFL teaching.

What are 3 of the main benefits of taking a TEFL job in Uruguay?

Because of Uruguay’s high-quality education system, English teachers are provided the option of entering one of many teaching programmes, from volunteering, private tutoring, universities, bilingual kindergartens to private language schools. Past teachers in Uruguay have said they found their students to be friendly and welcoming, with the locals in general being eager to learn English. You won’t even need a university degree, instead finding yourself to be already qualified based solely on your TEFL certificate and English fluency! Because of the low cost of living for English teachers in Uruguay along with fair working hours, you’ll still have the luxury to explore a wide variety of nationwide locations. Teaching in Uruguay even allows you to explore beyond its borders, where you could catch a ferry across the Rio del la Plata to Argentina’s buzzing capital of Buenos Aires.

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