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ESLstarter is looking for English instructors to educate at a private language school in Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh City.

Ready for a change? Come and teach in Vietnam! 

You can support local Vietnamese students in their English education and future life prospects by teaching English at one of these community focussed schools. This is a highly rewarding career opportunity and Ho Chi Minh city offers a lively expat social scene with plenty of teacher meet ups and events.

If you are interested in joining the team and teaching local Vietnamese students of all ages and levels, we'd love to hear from you!

Professional, supportive and friendly environment with full training provided. You can teach at one of the youngest and fastest growing education providers in Vietnam with over 80 English teaching sites, 2 international schools and collaboration with Macmillan and British Council.

Enjoy some great benefits as an English teacher in Vietnam

  • Fixed monthly salary 1,000 - 1,500 USD / month (23,200,000-34,800,000 VND) *
  • Assistance in applying for business visa upon arrival, temporary residency card and financial assistance with work permit
  • Up to 24 days paid annual leave
  • Up to 9 paid sick days per year
  • Teaching hour and subbing bonuses of up to 4,000,000 VND per month
  • Overtime available at 350,000 VND per hour
  • Health Insurance
  • Airport pick-up upon arrival
  • Free phone and Vietnamese SIM card upon arrival
  • Fully furnished accommodation or accommodation allowance of 5,000,000 VND
  • Training and development programs
  • Contract Start Date: July/August/September/October
  • Contract length: 9 months – renewable
  • Re-sign bonus of 10,000,000 VND
  • Up to 10,000,000 VND completion bonus
  • Career opportunities
  • We also offer a high hourly rate for part-time teachers, starting at 420,000 VND per hour net ($18/hour)

* Living costs in Vietnam are very low compared with Western countries and so you can have a great lifestyle on this salary and still save money. Average monthly salary in Vietnam is $180 USD.

Make Vietnam your next TEFL destination!


All applicants should be able to provide the following requirements:

  1. Bachelor's degree preferred
  2. TEFL certificate - get a special discount on your TEFL course here
  3. Clean criminal record
  4. Fluent English speaker

Teach English in Vietnam dates

We are hiring teachers for August arrival to Vietnam.

Why you should apply for Vietnam TEFL jobs

  • Ho Chi Minh is an energetic and vibrant city with lots of attractions and a lively expat scene
  • You can enjoy a great lifestyle in Vietnam and save some money to pay off student loans
  • You'll get to work with an international team and have ongoing support from the experienced local management team when you need it
  • You will teach across a wide range of learners, meaning a varied and interesting schedule
  • Rewarding career opportunity and the chance to make a real difference in the lives of local Vietnamese learners by giving them the English language skills they need to succeed


How can I teach English in Vietnam?

You’ll be able to teach English in Vietnam by being a fluent English speaker who holds both a TEFL certificate as well as a Bachelor’s degree in any field. However, to be qualified to teach in Vietnam, you’ll also have to be culturally adaptable and willing to work well with others on an international team: from young learners to fellow staff to parents and even the local community. Acquiring an English teaching role in Vietnam is also very achievable, due to the country’s growing economy and value of education. Therefore, you should find there are thousands of in-country roles for foreign teachers like yourself with employers hiring year-round.

What’s it like to teach in Vietnam?

TEFL jobs in Vietnam have the potential to take you absolutely anywhere in the country, thanks to a never-ending supply of locations. You may choose to teach in large cities such as the capital, Hanoi in the far north or Ho Chi Minh city in the south. You may instead prefer to teach rurally in provinces like Quang Ninh or Dong Nai – either way, these locations will expose you to Vietnam's natural beauty and rich cultural heritage. You’ll also be provided the opportunity to teach to a wide range of class ages, from young learners in Primary to as high as 15–18-year-olds in Secondary. Teaching English in Vietnam can also offer you an excellent salary, with first-time teachers potentially able to make 32,000,000 VND (£1000) per month – which only gets higher with experience! You’ll be able to save up this monthly salary in Vietnam due to a low cost of living.

What is the salary for teaching jobs in Vietnam?

For a first-time English teacher in Vietnam, you could earn a monthly salary of 32,000,000 VND, equivalent to £1000, which depending on qualifications and experiences, can go as high as 34,800,000 VND a month. This also includes the availability of working overtime for 350,000 VND (£11) per hour, generous monthly bonuses as well as receiving a paid vacation! You’ll also be able to save up this salary with monthly rent only going as high as $300, with meals and transportation costs also going very cheap. If you still wish to further build up this salary, TEFL teachers in Vietnam may also take on a secondary role as a private tutor or even teach English to students online. Upon entering the country to start your TEFL journey in Vietnam, you’ll also save money as your visa and work permit fee should be covered.

Can I be an English teacher in Vietnam without a degree?

Teaching jobs in Vietnam may require you to possess a Bachelor’s degree which can be in the field of Education or any other major. However, it can still be possible for you to acquire a teaching job in Vietnam without a degree, although you’ll need to demonstrate the necessary TEFL skills in order for you to teach your Vietnamese learners professionally in the English language. Therefore, you may not need a degree to teach English in Vietnam, but more importantly, you’ll definitely have to possess a TEFL certificate. If you are a certified TEFL teacher who doesn't hold a degree, it may be beneficial for you to travel to Vietnam independently and visit local schools with your CV.

What are 3 of the main benefits of taking a TEFL job in Vietnam?

By choosing to teach in Vietnam, you’ll find there to be a number of benefits. With Vietnam’s wide range of teaching locations and high demand for thousands of English teachers every year, you’ll be positively spoiled for choice! You may wish to teach in one of Vietnam’s many nationwide cities, from the capital, Hanoi, the historical, Huế or the energetic Ho Chi Minh city. If the city-life isn’t for you, there are still plenty of rural opportunities in provinces all over the country, from ocean-residing Quang Ninh to Nghe An, home of Pù Mát National Park. You’ll be able to work/teach in your chosen area while in your free time having the option to explore these other exotic locations. This is due to the benefit of having a great teaching salary per month that you’ll be able to save due to Vietnam offering a low cost of living for TEFL teachers. The Vietnamese TEFL job market also offers a long list of class ages for you to teach: from young primary school learners or if you prefer a more mature class, secondary students from the ages of 15-18.

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